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Real Estate Litigation

Real estate has been a primary focus of our attorneys their entire careers, and we have earned our reputations as tenacious advocates in real estate cases.


Business Litigation

If you are engaged in business litigation in California, it is important to work with a law firm that knows how to achieve your legal goals in a cost-effective manner.


Insurance Litigation

Throughout each of our attorneys’ careers, they have handled a wide variety of insurance coverage, monitoring, and litigation matters.

Disputes are inevitable in the business world. How those disputes are handled can mean the difference between a swift resolution and a costly liability. If you are engaged in business litigation in California, it is important to work with a law firm that knows how to achieve your legal goals in a cost-effective manner.

At Hilbert & Satterly LLP, our business litigation attorneys provide skilled representation to clients in San Diego and throughout California. We are trial lawyers with a proven record of success resolving business disputes in and out of court. We represent individuals and all types of business entities, including limited and general partnerships, corporations, limited liability companies, trusts, and receiverships in a broad range of business litigation, including cases involving:

  • • Breach of contract
  • • Partnership disputes
  • • Dissolutions
  • • Fraud concealment
  • • Banking litigation

Litigation is only one option for resolving disputes. Our business litigation practice is diverse, representing business and individual clients in litigation, mediation and arbitration throughout California.

Contract Disputes

Contract Disputes

Our attorneys draft, negotiate, review and litigate business contracts. We know how to prepare contracts that stand up to scrutiny, and we are aware of the ambiguities and other weaknesses that make an ineffective agreement. Because of our experience in this area of business law, we are well positioned to help our clients resolve contract disputes in an efficient, effective manner.

Even if a contract was breached, there may be mitigating circumstances that render the breach claim moot. We are well-versed in the defenses of breach of contract claims, including arguing the contract was invalid, unconscionable or that one party was fraudulently induced into the contract.

Whether you have suffered a loss due to a party breaching a contract or you are defending against a claim, our trial lawyers can provide you with the strong representation you need.

Partnership Disputes

Partnership Disputes

If you are engaged in a business partnership dispute, it is important to protect your rights. While the business partnership may have been established with the best of intentions, your interests are now separate from your partner's interests, and you must protect them. An experienced business litigation attorney can protect your rights and interests, ensuring that you are being treated fairly in any partnership dispute. Common reasons partnership disputes arise include:

  • • Disagreements over the direction of the business
  • • Allegations of fraud
  • • Poorly drafted partnership contracts
  • • Misuse of business assets

Sometimes, partnership disputes are caused by nothing more than conflicting personalities. Some partnership disputes can be resolved in an amicable manner, allowing business operations to continue. When the fault lines are broader and the business cannot continue, we can guide clients through a dissolution.

We are skilled trial attorneys with experience handling all types of business litigation. We serve clients throughout San Diego and across California.

Banking Litigation

Banking Litigation

The attorneys at Hilbert & Satterly LLP have represented numerous financial institutions and related entities, including mortgage servicers, commercial lenders, independent banks, mortgage brokers, credit unions and hard money lenders in various matters pending throughout California for over 40 years. Our representation of these clients has been both direct and through title insurance carriers. We have assisted our clients in a large variety of matters, including, among other things, cases involving troubled loans, debt collection, enforcement of security interests, lien and lien priority disputes, and related matters. We also regularly litigate judicial foreclosure actions, have successfully defended our lender clients in cases involving allegations of wrongful foreclosure, and have extensive experience prosecuting post-foreclosure unlawful detainers (evictions). We are also experienced in defending institutional Unfair Business Practice claims and class action litigation.

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